Sorry for being an arse

I do know I have been a nightmare to deal with whilst you have been away and I apologise for that. Knowing what we have gotten ourselves into doesn’t necessarily make it easier, I definitely have not handled it very well. Making you upset is not what I intended to do and I rue the fact that I have done so and maybe still doing that. Yes grog is part of the problem but the issue is mainly in my head.
Combination of being unemployed, not wanting to be here, missing you and me being jealous has made me a little depressed. I am working through it and trying to stay busy. It does scare me that with my shit the other night, you may have even thought, “He is too much drama, let him go”, and I would not have blamed you.
I did think of not being in contact with you whilst you where away, this would not stop me thinking of you. If I had no contact I think I would be worse and do something stupid, you have kept me almost sane with the contact we have had.
I do know I love you immensely and need to get back to you…
Regarding that meme babe, do not read too much into it and start getting my paranoia, I even looked at your meme you posted regarding “don’t look back” and thought you were getting rid of me. Mind plays silly games…
My meme was to do with work, being unemployed, shit at home and not being with you. None of it is your doing darling…..
I apologise again darling, I will try and grow up and stop being an idiot.
I love you and miss you sweetheart xoxo

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