There seems to be a little conjecture around which James Barron is my relation. There were a few James Barron’s transported to Australia in the time frame, the two mentioned below are the most likely with James from the Norfolk almost certainly the James that started it all for my family downunder.

James Barron transported on the Norfolk in 1837, he was born approximately 1809.

There is a Permission to marry and also a marriage index for a James Barron and Mary Foot in 1847. The permission to marry shows that James was transported on the Norfolk and was born approximately 1810 and Mary was transported on the Planter.

James Barron transported on the Lord Melville in 1837, he was born approximately 1800. The permission to marry for James and Mary does not appear to match up with birth date or ship.

As always with this research, nothing is set in concrete and I may have come up with the wrong conclusion.